Christinah Paige

My name is Christinah, with an H on the end. I like the H on the end; it makes my name feel symmetrical. Names ending in “ah” are a tradition for women in my family, because in some traditions it is said to mean “of God” in Hebrew. (Think of God changing Sarai’s name to Sarah.) I am a woman of God, or at least I’m trying to be. I’m a Christian, and for almost 15 years now I’ve been a Mormon, a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. My faith is a huge part of who I am, and I love it.


My middle name, Paige, comes from my really awesome aunt. She’s a bookworm, and so am I. I’ve always loved reading, and I’ve wanted to be a writer since the third grade. Language is amazing. When I started high school in Orlando, Florida, I signed up for the International Baccalaureate Program, and one of the requirements was to take a foreign language. My options were Spanish or Latin. Living in an approximately 70% Spanish-speaking community, I chose Latin purely because it was “different.” (Never mind that it’s dead. ) Here I am, 7 years later, still studying it. I’m also now repenting and trying to learn Spanish, because it’s not only a useful language, but a beautiful one. Language is powerful. It opens the world of the past, and it opens worlds of experiences, lessons, and relationships.


My maiden name, Cross, ties me to my mom and my brother. My Mommy (yeah, I still call her Mommy–what about it?) is my hero. Everyone who knows me knows that, and everyone who knows her knows why. Bryan is my little/big brother and has been my partner in crime since, well, forever. He can make anyone laugh, but he takes serious things deadly seriously. He is also married to the cutest, sweetest woman ever invented. I highly recommend getting to know both of these people.


My married name is Mulder. I met Jordan Mulder in a Latin class at BYU, and we were engaged three months later. That was probably crazy. We’re crazy happy, though. He’s super duper smart, has about two gazillion hobbies, and people mean more to him than they know. We love Netflix dates, cheesecake, and talking til 2am.


I’m a Southern girl from a Georgia family who grew up in a big Florida tourist city, took a detour to Northern England, and then landed in snowy Utah. I love fried chicken, potato salad, and deviled eggs. I love “ma’am” and “sir,” swing dancing, and porch swings. I also love the sunshine, all things Disney, the beach, flan, and latin dancing  (even though my best friend will testify that I dance like an awkward white girl). I love the mountains, fall leaves, BYU, and white Christmases. I love rolling green hills, thick British accents, and beans on toast. No matter where I am, part of me is always a little homesick.




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